Sense of Number is a maths consultancy and training collaboration that specialises in primary school mathematics. We offer dynamic and inspiring maths training and a range of vibrant, visual and reasoning resources.



We offer a wide range of bespoke primary school mathematics training.

If you want to find out about existing training events that you can book onto, or for details of how to book us to come and serve you, click here.

Dave, Anthony and Laurence provide flexible ‘Sense of Number’ training and consultancy options.

1. Consultancy and INSET for individual schools

2. Cluster maths training events on particular themes

3. Training packages, e.g. 8 day Sense of Number Course

For info about Sense of Number Training and Consultancy, call the office on 01904 778848 or email

Laurence, Anthony and Dave are available for all aspects of maths training, including INSET, Twilights, in-school support, auditing and co-ordinator development.


1 – 120 Number Grid
(A1 Double-Sided Laminated Poster)

Reasoning Posters
(4x A3 Posters + 16x A5 Discussion Cards)

Multiplication Masteroid Posters
(2x A1 Posters)

Reasoning Cards
(160x A6 Cards)

Reasoning  Cards title card


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Frequently Asked Questions

Dave will do the following:
  1. On request, Dave will email you the full Sample Visual Calculations Policy (which features both the Basic Edition and an outline of the Expanded Edition) for you to look at and chat through with your staff.
  2. Dave will discuss with you your particular requirements and design a bespoke VCP specifically for your school. The CPVCP is non-editable, but the WSVCP and the MSVCP can be adapted. Alterations could include:
    :: Deleting specific slides from the Sample VCP and renumbering the slides (no additional charge)
    :: Adapting the values, calculations or names shown on specific slides
    :: Designing new bespoke slides to represent additional strategies
    (Note: there is an additional cost of £5 per adapted and newly created posters – details in the notes that accompany the Sample VCP)
  3. Once the VCP is finalised, Dave will provide your school with a PDF version of your unique VCP for you to display and use creatively in school.

VCP – Visual Calculation Policy

WSVCP – Written Strategies Visual Calculation Policy

MSVCP – Mental Strategies Visual Calculation Policy

CPVCP – Concrete & Pictorial Visual Calculation Policy

VFP – Visual Fractions Policy

VAP – Visual Algebra Policy

VPVP – Visual Place Value Policy

  1. Schools with a pre-2017 copy of the Basic VCP can claim a £95 discount on 2017 pricing. (Upgrade cost = £40)
  2. Schools with pre-2017 copies of Package 2 can claim a £275 discount on 2017 pricing. (Upgrade cost = £115)
  3. *Schools purchasing the Editable School Calculation Policy will receive a free upgrade when the updated 2017 version becomes available.
Postage Costs for physical resources: £10 Royal Mail Second Class post.

Editable School Policy:  School branded documents are made available as secure PDFs via a secure dropbox folder.