Visual Algebra Policy

The Sense of Number Visual Algebra Policy is a set of 102 posters showing the progression of the teaching of Algebra in the new National Curriculum: £100


Bespoke Maths Resource

School Branded Visual Algebra Policy: (102 posters – £100)
Schools can order a copy of the personalised version of the VAP.
1: Schools provide Dave with a copy of their school’s logo and the school name they would like to be displayed on the slides.
2: Dave will email the school a PDF copy of the Visual Algebra Policy with the school name and logo inserted on each slide.
3: The school will be emailed an invoice for £100 for the document.
Note: Unlike the Visual Calculation Policy, additional slides cannot be created or existing slides adapted.

Sections within the Visual Algebra Policy:

9-14 – Patterns and Sequences
15-23 – Counting Sequences
24-31 – Number Shapes (patterns & sequences) 
32-37 – Abacus (patterns & sequences)
38-56 – Function Machines
57-69 – Graphing Sequences
70-73 -Balancing Stacks
74-91 -Balancing Equations
92-97 – Formulae
98-102 – Algebra Word Problems

If you’re interested in purchasing this resource please contact the Sense of Number team via email: or phone: 01904 778848 or fill out the form on our contact page.

School Brand Edition: £100