Visual Calculation Policy

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Sense of Number is offering to create a bespoke Visual Calculations Policy for your School!


Bespoke Maths Resource

The Sense of Number Visual Calculation Policy has 2 editions: The Basic Edition and the Expanded Edition. Both editions provide an extensive set of A4 posters that display the progression of calculations within the 4 operations: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. In clear, powerful images, Dave has created a sets of eye-catching posters that take children and teachers from each operation’s practical starting points through to formal written methods. The pictures show a suggested progression including Number Line strategies, jottings and other mental methods. Adopting a VCP will augment and enhance the power of your Calculations Policy.

Basic Edition

The Basic Edition of the VCP contains 104 Posters: 15 overview slides (inc. Vocabulary, Key Concepts), 17 Mental and Written Addition slides, 23 Subtraction, 24 Multiplication and 25 Division. Each slide is numbered, e.g. A1, A2 etc for Addition to show the progression, with each strategy given a specific, catchy title, e.g. A3: Forwards Bounce.

Dave is willing to make your school its own bespoke version for you to use and display in classrooms across the school. Your school may already have its own Calculations policy with your own progression clearly recorded: the VCP is a powerful tool to augment and enhance the power of your Calculations Policy.

The Basic Visual Calculation Package contains the Editable School Policy Document which features thumbnails of the posters from the VCP.

  • Addition

    2 Vocabulary Slides
    A1: Objects + Pictures
    A2: Counting On
    A3: Forwards Jump
    A4: Partitioning
    A5: Partition Jot
    A6: Expanded Column Addition
    A7: Column Addition
    MA1-MA6: 6 Mental Addition Strategies

  • Multiplication

    2 Vocabulary Slides
    M1: Repeated Addition (Groups)
    M2: Repeated Addition (Number Line)
    M3: Arrays
    M4: Multi Boing!
    M5: Partitioning
    M6: Grid Method
    M7: Expanded Column
    M8: Column Multiplication
    M9: Grid Method – Long Multiplication
    M10: Long Multiplication
    MM1-MM10: 10 Mental Multiplication Strategies

  • Subtraction

    2 Vocabulary Slides
    S1: Objects
    S2: What’s the Difference?
    S3: Counting Back
    S4: Counting On
    S5: Backwards Boing
    S6: Backwards Bounce
    S7: Backwards Jump
    S8: Triple Jump
    S9: 10s Jump, 1s Jump
    S10: Expanded Column Subtraction
    S11: Column Subtraction
    S12: Decomposition
    MS1-MS6: 6 Mental Subtraction Strategies

  • Division

    2 Vocabulary Slides
    D1: Sharing (Concept)
    D2: Grouping (Concept)
    D3: Division as Sharing
    D4: Division as Grouping
    D5: Grouping on a Number Line
    D6: Grouping Grid
    D7: Chucking Jump
    D8: Find the Hunk!
    D9: Mega Hunk!
    D10: Short Division
    D11: Chunking
    D12-D14: Long Division
    MD1-MD7: 7 Mental Division Strategies

If you’re interested in purchasing this resource please contact the Sense of Number team via email: or phone: 01904 778848 or fill out the form on our contact page.

Basic Edition: £135 • Editable School Policy Document: £75

Full Package: £160 (£50 discount)

Upgrade Options:

1) Schools with a pre-2017 copy of the Basic VCP can claim a £95 discount on 2017 pricing. (Upgrade cost = £40)

2) Schools with pre-2017 copies of Package 2 can claim a £275 discount on 2017 pricing. (Upgrade cost = £115)

3) *Schools purchasing the Editable School Calculation Policy will receive a free upgrade when the updated 2017 version becomes available.

Policy Prices and Packages

Basic VCP Package


  • VCP – 104 A4 Posters – £135
  • *Editable School Policy – 45 Page Word Document – £75
  • Full Package Discount of £50

Other Policies


  • VFP – 125 A4 Posters – £125
  • VAP – 102 A4 Posters – £100
  • VPVP – 23 A4 Posters + 12 A3 Wallcharts – £50

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